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OrgLearning2’s eLeadership Salon © is a stimulating and innovative experience that is designed to provide experienced and emerging leaders with an opportunity to engage in deep-level conversations about personal leadership style and skills, exemplary practices, and overall personal and professional development. We accomplish this through sharing and exchanging experiences and stories during monthly, subscription-based, virtual gatherings.


Applications for salons are available thoughout the year. Salon participation may occur as an individual applicant, or as a group established as part of an extended consulting training contract. Typically, a salon will last four to six months, depending upon application and/or contract agreements.


Our 2015 Relational and Compassionate Leadership Salon Series includes the following core sessions:


  • Wise talk: Conversations that Matter! Engaging meaningful conversations across the organization

  • Governance in Harmony: Improving Programs and Communities through meaningful interactions and conversations

  • Measuring+ Monitoring + Managing= Accountability: Fostering Accountability Throughout the Organization

  • Think BIG: Employing Bodacious InfoGraphics to communicate systems thinking, community assessment data, and relational networks*


  • *Added to our Fall 2015 Training Offerings. Additional training topics are also available upon request.  This listing is frequently updated on our website.

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