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Over the past thirty years, I've been pondering about a very basic question: What makes a nonprofit/public sector organization dynamic, effective and relevant?  My quest to find an answer has included discussions with a wide variety of wonderful practitioners, funders, academics, and end-user constituents who are actively engaged in this ever-changing field. When I formed OrgLearning2, I re-tooled my original organizational learning design and services to better respond to the diverse needs of my clients. 


We are specifically interested in helping agencies develop change models—based on appreciative inquiry methods—that will build sustainable programs, diversify funding bases, and become forces of change in local and global environments. We specialize in the key areas of management and leadership development. Our technical expertise includes training and technical assistance, researching and preparing community assessment reports, conducting focus groups, grant development and writing, data analysis, and helping organizations utilize presentation technology to their advantage.  


Running an organization is hard, let us be that helping hand that lifts you to the next level!




Dr. Marilyn Hosea,
Founder/Lead Consultant
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