OrgLearning2, LLC offers a wide range of consulting + grant writing services for non-profit organizations and public sector entities. We’ve got the necessary tools and expertise to help you grow your business, and learn how to properly manage your expansion, or your next project. We partner with our clients to develop engaging business strategies, design high quality and scalable solutions, and build rich brand experiences.


Organizational Success—working with Executive Leadership (Boards, senior/area management staff, Policy Council and Stakeholders) in the areas of governance, continuous quality/process improvement, continuous learning/development, creativity/innovation, leadership and special initiatives, and parent/family/community engagement.

Diversity People Leadership Management C

Project Management Productivity—working with Executive Leadership (Boards, senior/area management staff, Policy Council and 

Stakeholders) in the areas of: project scope, scheduling, and implementation, teamwork and group achievement, grant cycle administration, community assessment analysis and planning, self-assessment process, change management, client focus/orientation, data analysis and reporting.

People Development—working with Executive Leadership (Boards, management and line staff, Policy Council and Stakeholders) in the areas of:  professional development plans, diversity and

inclusion, executive coaching, managing stress and conflict during change, and, training support in the areas of flexibility and commitment to expansion and/or start-up projects.

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"Dr. Hosea brings an enlightened wisdom to her organizational development projects and as a result, her recommendations result in program improvements and efficiencies. She is uniquely able to bridge the gap from what was to a myriad of possibilities of what can be."

Dr. Al Martinez, 

Executive Director 

Denver’s Great Kids Head Start

“Starting my own small business was really scary. But OrgLearning2, LLC consulted me on how to move forward without getting caught up in the details. I was very impressed with their professionalism and transparency throughout the consulting process.”

Wassy Tesfa

Executive Director

Pacific Clinics, Inc.

"I recently conducted a mock-review of a EHS/HS program. The agency Community Assessment completed by OrgLearning2 was clear, organized, and visually interesting. It included everything required of its government funder."

Jerry Gomez

Early Headstart Non Profit Management Consultant