Grow and Manage Your Organization




Grant Planning Cycles

OrgLearning2 has the expertise to support your program with creating planning cycles that prepare your organization to meet or exceed grant requirements. Your management team will be supported in the following areas:

1.  Community Assessment

2.  Prioritize Strategies

3.  Funding & Budget Analysis

4.  Implementation Projects

5.  Grant Monitoring & Evaluation

6.  Annual Reports

Information Management: 

OrgLearning2 has the capabilities to create meaningful Grant Management Infographics for your organization. Your program's Leadership and Management team will be able to use our data visualization products for decision-making and planning. Our community assessments are easy to navigate, and help organizational requests for additional grant funding!


With OrLearning2 Project Managers, your Executive Leadership team will be supported in effective community assessment planning, self-assessment analysis and implementing strategies to increase organizational productivity. Additional, we offer services in change management and grant cycle administration, including valuable project management tools and techniques to support leadership and management teams!


At OrLearning2, our team values people and supports organizations providing essential services to vulnerable communities. Our consultants assist organizations seeking services in professional development planning, diversity and inclusion, executive coaching and managing conflict during change. Our products and services will support your organization in community outreach and increase support among various stakeholders.